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Bulan di Atas Kuburan (2015)

Genre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 120 Menit

A remake of 1973’s Indonesian classic movie of the same title. Seeing Sabar brag about his success in Jakarta, two young Batak men from his village, Tigor and Sahat, are enticed to go find Sabar. Their hopes and dreams are dashed. Sabar lives in an obscure slum alley, working only as an “oplet” driver (a small car used as public transport), and constantly bickers with his wife, as Sabar is full of dreams and bluffs. So Sahat and Tigor try to live in Jakarta on their own. Tigor wants power and becomes a thug controlling a parking lot; but the people working there beat him to death. Sahat dreams to be a great writer and is willing to marry Mona, the daughter of a publisher, just to launch his career as a writer. But Sabar dies when his car is overturned in an accident. None of them achieves the dream they wished for.

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