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Negeri Tanpa Telinga (2014)

Genre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 110 Menit

Naga, masseur, asks doctor Sangkakala to damage his eardrums so that he no longer hears painful voices. Meanwhile there is a big conspiracy conducted by Partai Amal Syurga (Heaven Charity Party). The party chairman, Ustad Etawa, in cooperation with the importer of sheep meat, tries to manipulate the state money to benefit his party. And Partai Martobat (Repentance Party) is the bearer of political legitimacy in the country. Piton’s great ambition is to be president. For that he is trying to get as much money by using his influence in parliament, assisted by Joki Ringkik, party colleague, who desperately convincing Python to advance to the next presidential election. Pythons also uses Tikis Queenta, lobbyist, who can get into all lines of parliament and party people.

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Bahasa: Bahasa indonesia

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